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About  Analytic

I've never cared to write about myself because there isn't anything interesting to say about myself.


So here it goes.

4 decades as a bassist, played with many great musicians and bands over the years. I've done a lot and yet I never cared to be rich or famous or play for money.

Although money was nice when it came my way.

Hell, for a long time I didn't care if it was original or covers. I just loved to play and I didn't really start writing music until much later in life.

While I didn't write music I did write bass lines, parts of songs and stories that later evolved into lyrics every now and again.

My writing covers everything from silly stuff, human observation to my favorite HORROR!!

In fact, many of my songs lyrics were created many years ago and some are new as I find myself still writing words more than music.

Chris (4).JPG

After that band split up I spent many years looking for like minded musicians to realize what was in my head, all the while my music sat idle.

Every now and again I would track another idea where it too sat idle.


After time (many years later) I realized that finding anyone was futile and decided to go it alone because time stands still for no one and it's either now or never.

I chose now.


When I finally decided to start writing music, it wasn't until I played in ARENA, a metal band  out of Cleveland, Ohio.


Why mention that one band out of all the others I've played with?

Playing in that band was where the seed of desire to write music was planted.


That seed grew so fast that it was actually like getting smacked upside the head.

Like a madman I recorded anything and everything that came to mind on 4-track tape..



Chris (3).JPG

Actually having to learn all things related to guitar was a major challenge and the drums were hard just the same. I still suck at it, but I'm having fun. 


Good backround little smaller .JPG

At first I was set in my thinking as I wanted a 3 piece. Meaning  bass, guitar, drums and a vocalist.


Nothing else would do. Yet....

When I started recording I soon noticed I was tracking several guitars ( Rhythm & harmony guitars), doing backing vocals and other things NOT for a 3 piece. LOL...

To my surprise I had evolved and it took going it alone to realize that. And even then I didn't want to admit that to myself.

As I was recording everything I decided that this would be for my own personal pleasure.

It was never meant for the public without an actual band.

At some point when I was mixing some stuff the wife heard it and said it's a waste. People should hear it and I should share it. I said no, but some friends heard it and said the same thing and kept saying it until... Well here we are.

So there it is. An uninteresting short history like so many others. Sorry to have bored you.

Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions

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