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Welcome to the BLOG.

I'm not much of a blogger, so I'll use this page for questions and stuff in general about the music.

Got to answer some new questions, but work has been very busy. I will get to it ASAP!!! 2022!!

Hello and thanks for visiting my page.

Sorry for the delay with new material. Wrote several songs, but when it was time to do final tracks I realized I didn't like anything and decided to rewrite a lot of what I had done.

Working hard on it and hope to have things done.


Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.


Got my first question from jack in AL.

For recording I use:
- Gibson Custom Shop # AL1132
Alex Lifeson Custom. Brown burst.
Great guitar with amazing action.

- Rickenbacker 4003 (ALWAYS!!!)

-1971 re-issue Fender Strat (big head) with Dave Murray pick-ups and
a stock tremolo.

This guitar is fast becoming a favorite.

And a my all time favorite
Ibanez RG-270 DX.
Ok... Not totally stock. My Ibanez bridge finally took a dump on me and
I replaced it with a Floyd Rose Original with a Fat Brass. Totally kickin'!!!

I'll post the Amps I use soon.

Alright.... On to the AMPS!!
All are used as I hunted them down one by one.

1959 (refurbished) Marshall "Plexi" Super Lead 100
(the most expensive yet)
1971 Marshall JMP 50 watt tube amp
1980 Marshall JMC 50 watt tube amp

1995 Mesa Boogie Mark IV B  3-Channel 85-Watt 1x12" 
1998 Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 100 watt head
1989 Soldano SLO 100W Super Lead

1968 Fender Custom Twin Reverb 2x12" 85-watt Tube Combo (for the clean stuff)
All speakers are original from the amps. However.... I usually run direct.

For the Bass I use :
Eden Preamp WTP (for the low end) 
Sans Amp VT Bass for the mids / highs and growl.
I run a stereo input; Eden on left and Sans Amp on the right then to two separate tracks
on my DAW.

ope that answered your question.


Greetings Fran in AK.

Oh good lord...The question I hoped would never be asked, but .....

My influences and favorite bands.

Please allow me to take some time and get back to you on this one. It isn't as cut and dry as you'd think.

So sorry for the delay.....Life just seems to unexpectedly get busy t times....


My influences are peppered through out my music.
Everyone I talk to say they hear different things....
If it wasn't for those influences I wouldn't be able to do what I am doing.

Favorite bands....
WOW....That is a massive list... Here are some from different genres in
no particular order...

ABBA, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Rush, King Crimson, Jethro
Tull, Kansas, King Diamond,
Saga, King's X, "early" Genesis, The Platters, Mozart, Bach, Three Dog
Night, Jimi Hendrix, Van Halen,
Steely Dan, Opeth, and a host of underground bands and metal bands..

Sorry I can't list everything... It would be too long..

Hello to Ash in NM,

yes, I'm a lifelong bassist.
I have only started playing guitar when
I decided to go it alone.
No, I don't use a harmonizer.
I track every guitar separately using
different guitars and different amps.

I actually learned guitar from watching
guitarists I've played with over the years
by working with them and watching them.

No, coming up with ideas comes quickly, but it
usually takes me a long time to learn "how" to
phrase guitar parts and solos so it doesn't
sound too boring. 

Almost forgot..... Yes I actually live in Japan 😁

Thanks for the questions!!

Hey Ernie in NY, 

I did front some bands over the years, but never considered myself a vocalist.

Too many to list, but when I think of vocalists I think of:
Rob Halford, King Diamond, Robert Plant, Freddie Mercury, The Platters, many of the vocal groups of the 50's as well as many others.

I consider myself more of a backing singer than anything.
I actually dislike singing. It take a lot of energy and a lot of work to craft the lyrics into vocals to fit the music. I can get lazy when it comes time to to the vocals.

So if pushed to answer that then I would say I'm a singer.
Meaning: I just get the job done.
Thanks for asking.


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