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Save the Children


you save the World

I wasn't planning on doing this as I was doing research on the election.
One rabbit hole led to another and I was led down a rabbit hole that led me to this and it was a bit too much for me to take it all in at one time.
I will update this as soon as I do a little decompressing.

It is up to YOU to do your research. I make no claims here except this;

"Children are our most precious and valued treasure and must be protected at all costs.

Child predators / pedophiles need no arrests, courts, judges, lawyers or jury.

They simply need to be executed with extreme prejudice."


God bless all who rescue the children and shut these evil monsters down.

Where humanity went wrong

State of the Corrupted, an Address to We the people

Pedophilia, pedophiles, child abuse, domestic violence against little children

The Finders

“Hunger Games” Producer Talks About Hollywood Pedophiles

Caution before viewing!!

** Art in Embassies **

- Human Victims Sold to Satanists Worldwide

Why are these vile things still walking among us?

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Sadly...There will be more. It goes farther and wider than anyone could imagine. I will post it as I find it.

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