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All my life I have kept religion and politics off limits in my daily life.

I never spoke of it and kept everyone around me in the dark, but I was actively paying attention and listening.


I am totally anti-big government. No matter what I believe Government is a "necessary evil".

I believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as the Constitution of 1776 is based on principles of God.

That our government should be run as our founders intended.

You can call me a Constitutionalist.

Extremism in any form is not the way. I believe in balance as balance is best for good/proper results.


I believe there comes a time where it is necessary to preserve what we hold dear and to hold the line against evil.

I don't like it, but I do understand that.


No one in my life past or present knew my thinking until now.


Because they are two of the most divisive and corrosive subjects to poison family & friends by placing a social stigma on an individual or groups of individuals.

I've tried to keep politics out of my music, but I couldn't help myself, so I did it tongue in cheek with the album "101" and a few other songs.


I'll clue you into a little secret though....

I am @illfigureitoutlater on Disqus.

Largely posting words of inspiration by using quotes of great thinkers in history and a few of my own quotes.


Today, 1/12/21 @ 13:10 Japan time I have decided I can not in good faith keep quite any longer.

Our Republic is in distress, she is hemorrhaging badly and we need to help her.



Traitors have assumed control of our Republic and the purge has begun with Twitter, Facebook and the taking down of Parler by Amazon.

From the info I am receiving GAB is also in some sort of trouble at this time.


Sadly, the POTUS has been silenced and forced to exit.


Millions of people have lost their voice and slowly continue to lose their ability to communicate.

This is an outrage to have happen in America.


Perhaps my own personal site will be removed? Hard to say..........


The ban on free speech is just the beginning. It will only get worse from there.

Just look at Nazi Germany of the 1930's  and the history of our past.

They are following the same playbook and openly doing so.


If things get further down the road of what they are pushing I fear a civil war will indeed break out.

This can and will be extremely bad. It will make the Civil War look like a Sunday picnic.

If you think it will be quick you are delusional.

It will be bloody and drawn out lasting many months or even years with a body count rivaling that of WWII.


Here are some websites for information.

A beautiful reminder of the Republic

Links for you to explore. 

What you do with the information is up to you.

Listen carefully to the latest X22 report.

Harry Vox

Funny as he looks at the hypocrisy and stupidity of what is being shoved down our throats.

Real Americas voice smack down Darell Scott

A great listen and it proves there are non-whites who feel the same...

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